Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Puppy's Fun One Cent Auctions ending tonight! Apophyllite and Rough Sapphire Sterling Pendants!

These two pendants are still available for next to nothing! Puppy loves to put up fun one cent auctions! Tonight, two unusual stones as pendants will be closing-who will get the pig's fabulous deal?

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties:  A crystal with high water content, imparting excellent conduction of energy. This stone creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual, facilitating psychic insight and rapid personal growth. Helps the wearer to access the Akashic Record (Universal knowledge) and connect with discarnate friends.

Blue Sapphire (Blue Corundum): Known as the stone of prosperity, it inspires enthusiasm for life, eliminates frustration , and helps fulfill the dreams and desires of the consciousness. Also promotes insight into the unknown and resonates with the throat chakra, facilitating ease of communication.

And don't forget, Puppy Lovers....Just two more days to submit your cute pet pix for a chance to win the Sterling Moldavite wire wrap pendant! Come on..cash in on that cuteness power!