Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Winner of This Month's Cute Pet Pix Jewelry Give-Away!

All Hail Lord Basil Hamtaro Perutoo!

His Cuteness Power won his human a Sterling wire wrap Moldavite Pendant from Puppy!

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your photos with me and puppy.  There were only 6 entries for this first month's give-away, since people are still finding out about us.  If your cute baby did not win, please do not be offended-the six entries were each assigned a number and the winner was chosen by random number generator at  As the number of entries increase over time, there will be a pool of the cutest photos chosen for number assignment--so cuteness DOES matter!

Next, we will be posting a wire wrapped crystal for the November first giveaway. It will be posted in a day or two.   Entries are starting from scratch, so if you want to try to win next month's prize, please send us a new picture! Use that cuteness power to get free bling from the pig!

Congratulations to Jennifer from Utah, Lord Basil Hamtaro Perutoo's mommy! Your pendant is on it's way with Puppy's compliments!