Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brillaint Natural Blue Opal - Sterling Wire Wrap Pendant! New Beginnings - Comforting Sleep - Throat and Third Eye Chakras!

Sterling silver wire is sculpted around a brilliant natural blue opal stone in the rough. A sterling silver bead is added for adornment!
It is hard to believe that this stone comes out of the earth in this vivid blue is really something to see!

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PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Peruvian Blue Opal Pendant
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Blue Opal: Stimulates creativity, communication and courage to voice the difficult. Gives the wearer the self-assuredness to speak freely as well as discernment regarding who will be most receptive to ideas. Resonates with the throat chakra and energizes the third eye. Also said to have a very soothing energy for those who are stressed, often promoting deep and comforting sleep.