Friday, September 16, 2016

All about beautiful aura quartz!

Aura Quartz Crystals are everywhere in our shop right now! We recently got a nice shipment of aqua aura, angel aura (also known as opal aura) and a new shade called astral aura which is mostly golden yellow with flashes of vivid rose!

Aura crystals are clear quartz crystals that have had a coating applied to them to change their color and appearance. The classic types of aura quartz that have been around for decades are aqua aura (blue) and angel aura (rainbow sheen). Since the 80's, many new chemical processes have emerged for creating aura quartz, but they are all derived from taking clear quartz crystals and applying a microscopic coating to the crystal surface. Bonding elements to quartz is quite difficult, which is why many aura quartz processes require high temperatures, ionic states of metal vapor and pigment, and even exposure to vacuums and plasma energy.

In modern times there is a wider variety of colors, combination effects and new finishes available. All aura quartz finishes can be scratched or damaged with enough friction wear over time, so it is important to wear aura quartz jewelry in a way where it will not bang against other jewelry or hard surfaces. Exposing the finish on aura crystals to harsh chemicals found in perfumes, lotions and other body care products can damage their special finish over time in some cases. If you want your pretty aura quartz crystal to say beautiful, treat it kindly by minimizing friction against it and exposure to harsh chemicals.

We have been finding special quartz configurations within our most recent shipment of aura quartz crystals; "ET" or "extra-terrestrial" crystals that have one lower termination and multiple jagged upper terminations; "DT" or "double-terminated" points that have natural terminations present on both ends; and "tabby" or "tabular" crystals that have a flattened appearance.

These special crystal configurations are believed to add metaphysical properties to each crystal. We explain the significance of each in our listings!