Monday, January 18, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Come Meet the Valentine Mouse!

As some of you know, Gideon was experiencing some mild depression and let-down once the Christmas season came to an end and he was no longer receiving attention for his coveted Christmas Mouse title.

Gideon's bird friend on twitter suggested that Gideon become the Valentine Mouse, and before long another one of Gideon's dreams was realized! Go Gideon, Go!

To Puppy's Adoring Fans: Have no fear, for Puppy has been christened Rodent King of Valentines....He will make an appearance a little closer to Valentine's Day!

About this photo-shoot: Please realize that photo's like this should only be attempted with animals trained to pose for them. Also the animal must be constantly supervised throughout the whole process. Gideon was allowed to sit, supervised, with each portion of his costume, to smell it and become comfortable with it. After several trials of trying it on and taking it off with no sign of objection, he was dressed for the photoshoot and pictures were rapidly taken (the in-costume portion last about 60 seconds). The costume is then quickly removed before he becomes unhappy with wearing it or attempts to eat it. He is then promptly rewarded with the fruit or vegetable of his choice!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Announcing the Prize for Puppy's Cute Pet Pix Jewelry Give-Away Contest, January Entries!

Yes, Puppy has amazing new hand crafted items added to his store every few days. Yes, Puppy makes quality hand designed jewelry available as one cent auctions so crystals can find their way to everyone! So what is the entrepreneur pig up to now? Well, you won't believe it!

It's Puppy's Cute Pet Pix Jewelry Give-Away Contest!!!! That's right in on your four pawed's cuteness power and get free bling from the pig!

Here's how it works: Each month, Puppy's mommy will list a new crystal or gemstone creation as the give away prize. As cute pet pix are submitted, they may be posted on the site throughout the month for everyone's viewing pleasure. On the first of the month, the winner (selected by a randomized computer drawing pool of the cutest pictures) will be posted and announced, and the prize will be sent to them by US mail!
To enter you must:

1.) follow this blog
2.) live in US.
3.) submit a photo entry of your pet (JPEG file) with the pet's name, your name, mailing address and permission to post your photo on this blog. Entries may be submitted via email to .
4.) Please submit only one entry per pet per month (if you have several pets, you can submit one picture for each of them, as long as they are CUTE pictures!).
5.) Entry deadline is midnight of the last day of the month. Prize is awarded on the first day of the next month.
6.) I will NEVER give your email or mailing address to anyone else. If I send out a marketing email about a sale, you may get one however I sent out a total of 4 marketing emails last year so I think its safe to say that you won't be bombarded, and if you do get anything from me it will be cute!

Let the sharing of cuteness begin!

Our Featured Prize, to be awarded February 1, 2010:

Cute Kitty & Carnelian Slip Knot Necklace!

An adorable artisan hand casted fine pewter kitty cat bead is knotted on satin cord along with delicate tinkling tin bells, dichroic glass artisan beads and carnelian.  This necklace is strung adjustable double slide knotted black satin cord and is meant to wear long, going over the head-a whimsical design sure to make you and others smile!

Carnelian:  Softens self-deprecation.  Stimulate inquisitiveness, initiative and precision.  Sharpens analytical capabilities.  Helps the wearer to trust in themselves.  Protects against envy, fear, and rage, and helps to banish sorrow. It can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion.

This necklace can be shortened to a shortest length of 24 inches. The carnelian beads measure approx 14mm in diameter  and the adorable cat bead is 20mm by 12 mm.

My handmade original, infused with love! You will receive the exact necklace pictured here. Comes in a lavender satin gift bag with a card explaining the metaphysical properties of healing carnelian!

So get your cute on, and send us your cutest picture!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Willow, the doggie who can read!

I was just watching a rerun of the Tyra Banks show...she had this sweet little one on and I wanted to share her with you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Winner of This Month's Cute Pet Pix Jewelry Give-Away!

All Hail Sabrina, the Toy Rescue Dog!

Her Cuteness Power won her human a Sterling wire wrap Pink Opal pendant from Puppy!

Congratulations to Sabrina's human Connie! Your four-pawed baby has won you some sparkles-it will be shipped right out to you with Puppy's compliments! Please go give Sabrina some treats immediately!

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your photos with me and puppy. Not that many people know about us yet, so the entries are few giving you very good odds. If your cute baby did not win this time, please do not be offended-the cutest entries were each assigned a number and the winner was chosen by random number generator at Please continue to enter each month if you like (with a different photo for each time you enter).

I will be posting our next give away prize in a day or two for our February 1st winner. Use that cuteness power to get free bling from the pig and enjoy the adorable entries which are posted all month!