Monday, January 18, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Come Meet the Valentine Mouse!

As some of you know, Gideon was experiencing some mild depression and let-down once the Christmas season came to an end and he was no longer receiving attention for his coveted Christmas Mouse title.

Gideon's bird friend on twitter suggested that Gideon become the Valentine Mouse, and before long another one of Gideon's dreams was realized! Go Gideon, Go!

To Puppy's Adoring Fans: Have no fear, for Puppy has been christened Rodent King of Valentines....He will make an appearance a little closer to Valentine's Day!

About this photo-shoot: Please realize that photo's like this should only be attempted with animals trained to pose for them. Also the animal must be constantly supervised throughout the whole process. Gideon was allowed to sit, supervised, with each portion of his costume, to smell it and become comfortable with it. After several trials of trying it on and taking it off with no sign of objection, he was dressed for the photoshoot and pictures were rapidly taken (the in-costume portion last about 60 seconds). The costume is then quickly removed before he becomes unhappy with wearing it or attempts to eat it. He is then promptly rewarded with the fruit or vegetable of his choice!