Friday, October 31, 2008

Herkimer Diamond, Bisbee Turquoise, Water Opal, Holley Lavender Agate and more beautiful stones made into healing Pendants!

Here are some of my newest creations made with very colorful stones!

A few of my eBay items
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PUPPYLOVE SS Holley Lavender Larimar Pink Opal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Holley Lavender Blue Opal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Herkimer Quartz Pearl Ringlet Pendant

PUPPY LOVE Opal Bisbee Turquoise Angel Aura Qtz Pendant

Metaphysical Properties of stones and crystals used:

Angel Aura Quartz: Also called Opal Aura Quartz. These crystals have a magical rainbow sheen to them imparted by a thin layer of platinum alchemized to the surface of quartz crystal. The finished stone has new properties, inspiring joy and angelic connection. Bestows the wearer with hope, optimism and a sense of connection to the Divine Consciousness. Purifies and energizes all chakras.

Turquoise: A stone with strong healing and purifying properties. It is said to dissolve an attitude of self-sabotage and instill inner calm. Helps one realize unconditional love towards all. Resonates with the throat, heart and naval chakras. Induces wisdom and understanding while enhancing trust and kindness.

Holley Lavender Agate (or Chalcedony) : This pretty creamy lavender colored stone is a variation of the famous Holley blue chalcedony from Oregon, mined in the same region. It shares the same properties of rapid spiritual connection and intuitive growth. It is known as a hallmark stone of spirituality, opening the crown chakra and promoting discrimination in your spiritual path, allowing you to best choose that for your highest good. It is said that that the Holley Agates help us to learn and teach the ultimate truth that only love is real!

Blue Opal: Stimulates creativity, communication and courage to voice the difficult. Gives the wearer the self-assuredness to speak freely as well as discernment regarding who will be most receptive to ideas. Resonates with the throat chakra and energizes the third eye. Also said to have a very soothing energy for those who are stressed, often promoting deep and comforting sleep.

Herkimer Diamond: A stone of new beginnings. Promotes vivid dreaming as well as recall and understanding of those dreams and past lives. Very similar to opal, as an amplifier of energy, spontaneity and productivity. Helps eliminate stress and tension from the body. It allows one to recognize that there is nothing to 'become' - that one is that which one has been seeking.

Pearl: Stone of sincerity and purity. Allows the wearer to readily receive spiritual guidance. Enhances wisdom and personal integrity. Balancing and healing to all chakras. Believed to keep a person balanced in love and relationships.

Opal: A very energizing stone. Increases productivity and spontaneity. Helps awaken your intrinsic psychic and intuitive abilities. Also good for inspiring creativity and releasing inhibitions. This stone assists in enhancing mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progression toward the perfect state.

Larimar (Blue Pectolite): Also known as "dolphin stone" or "Atlantis stone". This rare gem is found only in the Dominican Republic. Edgar Cayce proclaimed that a blue stone with amazing healing properties would be discovered in this exact region (mining began in the 1970's). It is said to emit love and a sense of peace to the wearer. It is also said to help the wearer realize their self-imposed bondages of this world and facilitate freedom and deeper understanding of the self.

Pink Opal: A stone for new beginnings, assisting in the release of old, unwanted patterns. Helps facilitate renewal between the self and the universal all. It is also a stone of spiritual awakening, excellent to wear at times of important shift in our lives. It is also thought to carry a message of non-violence to humanity. Resonates with the heart chakra.