Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chasing piggies round my house!

Well, production has been slowed down a bit here at Puppy Love Jewelry, as the chief jewelry maker, photographer, computer expert would all be ME! (Gosh, how I wish i could train a guinea pig to take nice photos.)

I injured my back somehow (that's never happened before...uh oh....hope I'm not getting old YET).  I have to do a lot of bending reaching and crawling in a day to take care of his highness and the herd.  I was crawling around their pens yesterday, to take up the old bedding, vacuum and lay down fresh blankets/towels. It was pathetic..I was moving at like 2 miles per hour. 

They are very smart little ones. They were watching me, sensing weakness. It was Sebastian who first jumped off my bed to make a break for it.

He gleefully ran all around the house. The others watched me and him to see if he would get caught quickly. Well, I swear to you, it was like they could tell that I was in no shape to chase them and that this was their big chance, because the next thing I know, three more had used their pointy noses to ram their way right out of their pens. I half-laughed, half-cried over the next hour and a half as I crawled around, wincing in pain, to get them all back. Puppy, suprisingly, chose to have mercy on his mommy and stay in his pen. *sigh* Even when they are naughty, they are cute to me!