Friday, October 9, 2009

Puppy's Fun One Cent Auctions: Copper Wire Wrapped Aqua Aura Quartz and Harlequin Fire Quartz Pendants!

These pretty pendants are available as this weeks fun one cent auctions!  These auctions often close for very little AND Puppy ships them for free, as he does everything! What a deal from the pig!

Metaphysical Properties of Copper: A powerfully healing mineral, good for energizing, combating lethargy, raising vibration and promoting self acceptance. Resonates with and opens the base or sacral chakras, to reaffirm optimism for life and awaken passion and sensuality! Copper has been recognized as an effective remedy for joint pain for centuries. Thought to amplify the inherent energy of stones and crystals when wrapped around them.

Aqua Aura Quartz: This beautiful enhanced crystal is made when a layer of gold is alchemized to the surface of the quartz crystal. The gold itself is believed to change the inherent properties of the quartz. Frees the wearer from limitation and allows new beginnings. Also resonates with the throat chakra, giving birth to self-expression. Soothes the aura and instills profound peace during meditation.

Metaphysical Properties of Harlequin Quartz  (also called Raspberry, Fire or Strawberry Quartz):

This is a special type of quartz crystal with lepidocrocite and hematite inclusions that look like tiny little red sparkles within the crystal! It is mined in Madagascar and can be found in the scepter formation. Quartz is known to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone, raising the wearer’s energy to the highest vibrations. This speckled version is believed to be useful for bringing the seven chakras into alignment (especially connecting the base, heart and crown) and facilitating clear energy flow through them. It is a stone for higher spiritual attunement and advancement!