Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun One Cent Auction This Week: Celestite Pendant Wrapped in Healing Copper!

Every week, puppy likes to have something up for a one cent auction so that everyone can have the crystal meant for them, even if money is an issue! These auctions start at one cent and have free shipping, just like everything you get from the pig!

Metaphysical Properties of Celestite: A very spiritual stone providing connection to angelic realms and bestowing the wearer with a euphoric feeling. Considered a stone of hope in times of despair, allowing the wearer to access the higher self and other spiritual guidance. Soft blue celestite (from Madagascar) transmutes pain and chaos into light and love. Inspires beautiful dreams and whimsical imagination. A truly wonderful stone!

Metaphysical Properties of Copper: A powerfully healing mineral, good for energizing, combating lethargy, raising vibration and promoting self acceptance. Resonates with and opens the base or sacral chakras, to reaffirm optimism for life and awaken passion and sensuality! Copper has been recognized as an effective remedy for joint pain for centuries. Thought to amplify the inherent energy of stones and crystals when wrapped around them.