Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photos from the fall gem show!

I'm so glad I finally went out to the fall version of the Tucson Gem Show this year. True, it was much much smaller than the one that takes over our whole city in January/February...but still I came away with incredible treasure-whimsical fairies, sparkling beads that are just impossible to describe...look like they are from another world, moldavite, white moldavite, citrine, black tourmaline, iolite, confetti sunstone and some lovely quartz.  Some of the new things should start showing up in Puppy's shop late this evening.  here are some fun photos for those of you who have never been to one of these...they are overwhelming but fun!

Moldavite! (Moldavite is actually a meteor that crashed in the Czech Republic region)
Need some silver?
A rainbow of gemstone beads
Beads as far as the eye can see at these things...overwhelming!
This chunk of moldavite is going around my neck :)