Saturday, September 12, 2009

Off to the Tucson Fall Gem Convention this Morning

Every winter, the entire city of Tucson Arizona is taken over for about 3 weeks by the largest gem and mineral convention in the world. I have grown to be quite spoiled by this...a wonderful thing! Today I am going to the mini version of it for the first time--the September showing with only 3 or 4 sites as opposed to 30. I'm hoping to go through all of the sites today, as I have piles and piles of Christmas preparation work to be done plus a post op piggie (Gideon, in the picture left with his swollen neck before they removed all the infection) who needs lots of cuddles! I'm hoping to find some nice enhydros and phenacite for the Christmas rush. Nice Dioptase is always welcome in this house! I wish I could bring the doggie dog, but he hasn't had his neutering done yet (oh, how I still struggle with doing that to him) and he has the most vulgar habit of trying to lift his little furry leg and mark everything. Can't take that beast anywhere!!! sheesh! Wish me luck today!