Sunday, September 6, 2009

PUPPYLOVE 'Talking Crystal' Tangerose Quartz Pendant

Fine silver (.99) and sterling silver (.925) wire is sculpted around a pretty 'tangerose' quartz crystal from Brazil, with both tangerine and rose colored hues present! Delicate coral glass seed beads have been woven into the wire work for adornment!

I call this a 'talking crystal' because I acquired it from a woman who experiences what seems to be clairaudience when it comes to crystals (they speak to her). Now, whether you believe in this or not, it is certainly interesting to at least consider since the newest quantum theory supports that all physical matter is made of pure consciousness. So, why wouldn't a crystal have something to say? I must admit that I am puzzled and intrigued by the idea...more often than not I believe that it is real and even wonder how I could learn to do this! And I wear one of her little messengers around my neck all the time now!

Here is what the tangerose quartz crystals had to say to her, verbatim:

"-We are Tangerose Quartz
-Made for Healing
-We scrub the central places of the body
-Love is for healing, pink is for love
-Many people are too heavy in the orange, yellow, and pink (Chakras) we help lift & remove
-Like a tune-up for your body
-Much is stored in these areas that you don't need. We are capable of taking it away.
-Even the stuff that's the most stuck
-We like to work while you sleep but can work at other times too
-We give love - everyone needs love and love is healing
-We bring about and fix the circles-We work well with other crystals and minerals
-We bring you back to your center because centering is so important
-With our help you can begin to release and move on
-Release stuck patterns, move forward
-We push you out of the groove
-Don't worry, we are gentle
-It is time for many people to become un-stuck and move on to a new level of life
-We are here to help with that
-We can also help create new grooves and better patterns
-Balance is important. We help balance
-We help anchor you to the earth but not too much
-Many people float with no earth anchor...this is bad...we can fix
-We renovate, renovate from within
-We will help you feel very good because old things are gone
-We know what you don't need and many have much they don't need
-We like to be hugged. Hold us closely in your hand for a wonderful connection
-We will go to the orange, yellow, and pink (Chakras) even from your hand
-You can carry us with you. Please keep us safe though
-We are done ."