Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing Tammy..

I dreamt of my friend Tammy last night. I dream of her every now and then. She is always in distress in my dreams, and they are vivid. She was my best friend when I lived in Bisbee a couple of years ago. I realized when I woke this morning that she died in September two years ago, now. Time flies. I try not to remember the actual date of her death..I prefer to remember her birthday, which was Valentines Day (soooo Tammy)! She was 38 when we lost her. I did everything I could to change her path, but people can only shift their own paths-one of many things I learned from knowing her.

Anyways, I felt her around so much this morning. And then, sure enough, one of her odd little signs came. The song I associate with her crossing over is Moby's, "God Moving Over the Face of Waters" came on. (its a powerful here if you want to hear it takes it a bit to build up, buts its lovely).

Sometimes I think she tells me to take the leap and open myself more to what I am able to do. So many things hold me back, including my very well science educated brain....wondering when I will fully take the leap. There is never any turning back with things like that. Miss you Tammy!

My friend Tammy and her beloved doggies!

PS- while I was finishing this up, a psychic who works at a local resort called me and asked me to be in her intuitive development class this October...said she will even trade me for jewelry making classes. She really wants me to attend it-says she is picking people with rough talent. Click click click go the steps in my life when something is supposed to happen. OK, I give in :) for now. I'm a bit stubborn.