Friday, September 18, 2009

Announcing Puppy the Guinea Pig's Cute Pet Pix Jewelry Give-away Contest!!!

Yes, Puppy has amazing new hand crafted items added to his store every few days.  Yes, Puppy makes quality hand designed jewelry available as one cent auctions so crystals can find their way to everyone! So what is the entrepreneur pig up to now? Well, you won't believe it! 

It's Puppy's Cute Pet Pix Jewelry Give-Away Contest!!!!  That's right in on your four pawed's cuteness power and get free bling from the pig!

Here's how it works: Each month, Puppy's mommy will list a new crystal or gemstone creation as the give away prize.  As cute pet pix are submitted, they may be posted on the site throughout the month for everyone's viewing pleasure.  On the first of the month, the winner (selected by a randomized computer drawing pool of the cutest pictures) will be posted and announced, and the prize will be sent to them by US mail!

To enter you must:
1.) follow this blog
2.) live in US.
3.) submit a photo entry of your pet (JPEG file) with the pet's name, your name, mailing address and permission to post your photo on this blog.  Entries may be submitted via email to .
4.) Please submit only one entry per pet per month.
5.) Entry deadline is midnight of the last day of the preceding month.
6.) I will NEVER give your email or mailing address to anyone else.  If I send out a marketing email about a sale, you may get one however I sent out a total of 4 marketing emails last year so I think its safe to say that you won't be bombarded, and if you do get anything from me it will be cute!

Let the sharing of cuteness begin!

Our Featured Prize, to be awarded October First (only 13 days away):

Puppylove Sterling Wire Wrapped Moldavite Pendant with warm-toned Dichroic Glass Bead!

The pendant measures 2.25 inches long, including the sterling bail.  The unwrapped moldavite measures 33mm long and 6mm wide.  The dichroic glass artisan bead displays rich golden coral and red flashes of color!  Comes in a lavender satin gift bag with a long fine black satin cord and a card telling about the metaphysical properties of moldavite!

Moldavite: This beloved “stone of transformation” fell to earth as a meteorite over 15 million years ago. As it carries with it extra-terrestrial energy, it is thought to help someone see past the physical reality they take for granted and facilitate rapid spiritual growth and personal transformation. Helps the wearer tap into other dimensions of existence and transcend the mundane. It has a very high frequency energy which helps aligns chakras and can promote connection with ascended masters during meditation. This stone has such power it is thought to sometimes cause the first time wearer to have a flushed appearance (“moldavite flush”).