Thursday, September 24, 2009

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Fairy Tanzan Aura Quartz Necklace!

This magical piece is designed to bring out your inner fairy! A charming sterling silver artisan cast fairy centerpice is adorned with a wire wrapped tanzan aura quartz crystal and an assortment of rainbow sparkling iridescent dichroic glass beads (created by a private top glass artists)!

The fairy centerpiece is a luna moth fairy (they are beautiful creatures..look below to see a picture of one), artisan casts in sterling silver with double sided detail. She measures 43mm tall and has a wingspan of 48mm. She is suspended from a bar of sterling and fine silver. The sterling silver wire wrapped tanzan aura quartz crystal (28mm long and 6mm wide) dangles down from her to create a spectacular, whimsical effect! The entire pendant piece dangles down 5 inches (from bail to crystal point) from its 18 inch long sterling silver chain! The handcrafted bail is large enough that you can easily put the pendant piece on a different chain if you prefer (aperture = 6mm).

a Luna moth!

Tanzan Aura Quartz (also sometimes called Celestial Aura Quartz) is created when a layer of gold, indium, and niobium metals are alchemized to the surface of a quartz crystal, giving it a beautiful lavender-purple appearance (like the stone tanzanite) and enriched metaphysical energies. It is thought to help us access out intuition!

Metaphysical Properties of Tanzan Aura Quartz: This beautiful crystal is created when quartz crystal is alchemized with a fine layer of indium, gold and niobium creating a beautiful indigo sheen and imparting new properties to the stone. Stimulating the third eye and crown chakras, this stone is very helpful to those who wish to develop their psychic abilities and intuition. Promotes strong connection to spirit.