Thursday, September 17, 2009

Puppy's Fun One Cent Auction Wire Wrapped Pendants: Angel Aura Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Celestite Sterling Wire Wrapped Pendants!

Here are Puppy's fun one cent auctions for this week! Some of last week's sold for around $5 with free shipping! fun fun fun!


Angel Aura Quartz...
Black Tourmaline...

Metaphysical Properties:

Angel Aura Quartz: Also called Opal Aura Quartz. These crystals have a magical rainbow sheen to them imparted by a thin layer of platinum alchemized to the surface of quartz crystal. The finished stone has new properties, inspiring joy and angelic connection. Bestows the wearer with hope, optimism and a sense of connection to the Divine Consciousness. Purifies and energizes all chakras.

Black Tourmaline: An extremely powerful stone for protection against negative energy. Excellent grounding properties. This stone is wonderful for sensitive people who tend to resonate with others, thereby inevitably encountering damaging negativity. Healing to the base chakra, promoting physical vitality and passion for life.

Celestite: A very spiritual stone providing connection to angelic realms and bestowing the wearer with a euphoric feeling. Considered a stone of hope in times of despair, allowing the wearer to access the higher self and other spiritual guidance. Soft blue celestite (from Madagascar) transmutes pain and chaos into light and love. Inspires beautiful dreams and whimsical imagination. A truly wonderful stone!