Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do you ever...

Do you ever look at your pets and just get all sappy about how lucky you are to have them? I know that people do this all the time with their human children.  I usually do this with my guys in the morning when they are eating their morning veg.  After I put it out I just watch them and think about how beautiful they are. (The dog already got his morning kiss and went outside to use the bathroom--he's usually very insistent as soon as he see's signs of life in my bed). Once I let Cecil out, the "wheeeek wheeeek weeeee want veg" chorus starts.  They are all very considerate though...they always wait till I'm up. :) So that's what I'm up to this morning...thinking how lucky I am to have these funny, cute, beautiful creatures in my life!

Puppy Happily Eating His Veg This Morning!