Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sitting Here with my Cup of Verona Blend!

I'm curled up here with my morning cup of Verona Blend (with sugar and vanilla cream of course)! Breakfast is the best time of day! I love to go out to breakfast....something about the smells (coffee and bacon) and all the dishes clinking, its just so cheerful!
Today I will be trolling Best Buy and Circuit City with my 70 year old neighbor...she asked me to help her buy a new computer! Ha! Its kind of funny because the last thing I am is a computer expert. I've just educated myself about ebay, auctions and photography by groping my way through this the past year (if you look at my really old pictures on ebay, they are horrific--that's how I started!). But when it comes to RAM, ROM, Pentium , blah blah blah, I am lost! I have friends I can call if we get really confused while shopping. I think mostly she wants some company ;).
She's an awesome lady. She dowsed the medians at Notre Dame, sacred places in Egypt, all over the world really! And she showed me how her dowsing rods work. She was able to dowse the fringes of my aura. She isn't into metaphysical stuff at all, and she told me she discovered that the crown chakra extents out in a cone shape all from dowsing the edges. Isn't tha cool? I mean, that's what all of my clairvoyant friends report seeing, a cone of light above the head!
And then she let me try the rods. There are a couple of places in her house where they react due to something structeral in the house I guess. when I held them the reacted in the same placed as they did for her, and very strongly! It was amazing. so I guess now I can say that I can dowse! But it really helps when you have someone there like her who takes it for granted that this is possible. I have learned that the key to all paranormal abilities is the belief that you can access them--that is what makes it possible. The Secret talks a lot about this.
I don't know how much I'll be able to create today. I hope we're not gone shopping too long. Here is a peek at Puppy's current items (he is sitting right here next to me, with his fur all puffed up, looking like an angel!)

A few of my eBay items
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