Thursday, May 29, 2008

LOST, Herkimer Diamonds, Fairies, Crystals and Law of Attraction!

Good morning beautiful world! May you have an awesome and joy filled day!

You know, my little hand made jewelry store didn't start doing well until I did this one thing--made a vision board! I'm serious! Overnight things took off. For anyone who doesn't know what a vision board is, you can learn by watching a video called "The Secret" or by reading the material that Esther Hicks channels from an energy known as Abraham. Apparently, the world works by something called The Law of Attraction. It REALLY helps in business and goal achievement if you understand it!

Ok, enough deep onto the fun! I'm so excited because the season finale of LOST is on tonight! Are any of you into this show? Oh my goodness...I've been watching it for four years and it has gotten so complicated it sometimes makes my head hurt. There is something mysterious going on that has to do with quantum physics, time travel and multiple realities. People are so into this show...I have seen things posted online by professors who teach heiroglyphics and quantum physics just to help along figuring the darn thing out! Its fun!

So I guess I better get my work done so that I can watch TV tonight. I'm going to be posting a pretty fairy, herkimer diamond, angel aura quartz necklace today! And I have a few fairies in the store now too!

I love herkimer is so amazing to think that they form the way they do (perfectly double terminated) naturally. At the Smithsonian mineral display in Washington DC, they have a huge portion of the Herkimer Mine on display...its this amazing chunk of cave behind glass with all these sparkling herkimer diamonds just lying on the cave floor, the way they find them....beautiful!

Here are some metaphysical properties of Herkimer Diamonds:

A stone of new beginnings. Promotes vivid dreaming as well as recall and understanding of those dreams and past lives. Very similar to opal, as an amplifier of energy, spontaneity and productivity. Helps eliminate stress and tension from the body.
It allows one to recognize that there is nothing to 'become' - that one is that which one has been seeking.

Have a great one, smile and don't forget how amazing YOU are! Talk to ya later!

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