Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Puppy the Guinea Pig is Happy!

It has been nice and cool here in Arizona for this time of year (70-80 F). Late yesterday afternoon I took the guinea pig herd out in the yard where I have big pens set up for them. They love how grass feels under their cute little feet! When I put trays of wheatgrass in their pens, they stomp around on, sit on it and even sleep on it!

Whenever I open the door to step outside, Puppy the Guinea Pig runs to the corner of his pen facing the door and looks at me with begging eyes! He never misses a chance to beg for an outdoor visit.

So last afternoon I moved all my jewelry making stuff outside and sat with them for a couple of hours while I made things in the fresh air. It was nice for all of us. Sometimes I wish I could just install a doggy door (or guinea pig door in this case) and let them go in and out at their will. But I can't leave them unattending out there...never know when a hawk might swoop down!

We are hard at work at Puppy Love Jewelry today. I am blogging, making things and taking photos for todays listing. The pigs are doing a fabulous job of lying around, eating, sleeping and looking adorable. They are wonderful to work for!

Here's a peek in the Puppy Love Jewelry store: