Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Cent Auctions: Tourmaline, Hematite, Celestite, Tangerine Quartz and Jasper Sterling Wire Wrap Pendants! Metaphysical Properties of These Stones!

Here are my latest fun one cent sterling wire wrap pendant auctions!

Nurture your inner fairy!
- qsell

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Fairy Celestite Crystal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Jasper Black Tourmaline Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling PinkGreen Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterl Wire Wrap Tangerine Isis Quartz Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Mookaite Jasper Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Silver Hematite Hypersthene Pendant

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Here is some information about the energies of the crystals and stones used!

Metaphysical Properties of Hematite: Hematite is known to be one of the excellent balancing and grounding stones, good for drawing unwanted negative and chaotic energy away from the body and transforming it. It is also said to be a “stone for the mind” thought to clarify and sharpen disorganized thoughts, aiding in technical thinking and the stillness of thought required for successful meditation. Hematite can helps us grasp the idea that all is limitless--limits are only man-made concepts that can melt with our beliefs. It also promotes self evaluation and the ability to learn from our lives.

Metaphysical Properties of Black Tourmaline: An extremely powerful stone for protection against negative energy. Excellent grounding properties. This stone is wonderful for sensitive people who tend to resonate with others, thereby inevitably encountering damaging negativity. Healing to the base chakra, promoting physical vitality and passion for life.

Metaphysical Properties of Jasper: A powerful healer and calmer. Very soothing. Brings tranquility, wholeness and a humanitarian spirit. Protective against negative energy of others. Useful to align all chakras. Thought to provide nurturing energy to the wearer. Excellent stone for high-stress, nervous people.

Metaphysical Properties of Tangerine Quartz: Found in Brazil and Madagascar, these crystals have natural mineral deposits which impart their beautiful orange color. Resonates with the second chakra. This stone is about giving and receiving, emotions, change, movement, acceptance and ability to understand new ideas, health, working in harmony with others, co-creation and creativity. Enhances ones sensuality.

Metaphysical Properties of Tourmaline: A sacred stone used by shamen in African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes. Green Tourmaline is a very powerful stone for opening the heart chakra and encouraging compassion. It inspires creativity and attracts abundance. Black tourmaline is a very grounding stone and one of the best stones for repelling the negative energy of others (excellent for very sensitive people). Pink tourmaline facilitates the synthesis of love and spirituality (also a heart chakra stone). It releases destructive tendencies and helps the wearer feel connected to the universal all.

Metaphysical Properties of Celestite: A very spiritual stone providing connection to angelic realms and bestowing the wearer with a euphoric feeling. Considered a stone of hope in times of despair, allowing the wearer to access the higher self and other spiritual guidance. Soft blue celestite (from Madagascar) transmutes pain and chaos into light and love. Inspires beautiful dreams and whimsical imagination. A truly wonderful stone!