Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Cent Auctions: Topaz, Strawberry Quartz Crystal, Mexican Fire Opal, Aqua Aure Quartz Wire Wrap Pendants and more! Metaphysical Properties Too!

Here are my latest fun one cent sterling wire wrap pendant auctions!

A few of my eBay items
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PUPPYLOVE Sterling Black Pearl Wire Wrap Heart Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Chevron Amethyst Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Aqua Aura Quartz Fire Opal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Strawberry Quartz Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Topaz Crystal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Pink Opal Wire Wrap Heart Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Ametrine Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterl Wire Wrap Pink Kunzite Crystal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Silver Apophyllite Carnelian Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Peruvian Pink Opal Sterling Wire Wrap Pendant
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Here is some information about the energies of these stones:

Metaphysical Properties of Black Pearl: Pearl is the stone of sincerity and purity. Black pearl is additionally thought to promote abundance and prosperity. Allows the wearer to readily receive spiritual guidance. Enhances wisdom and personal integrity. Balancing and healing to all chakras.

Metaphysical Properties of Ametrine: This combination of amethyst and citrine crystals incorporates main energies of both stones—both crown and solar plexus chakra resonance, attracting spiritual growth and prosperity. In addition, it is thought to be an excellent stone for achieving balance and equilibrium in energy work, and to remove energetic as well as emotional blockages. Ametrine carries an energy of adjustment, helping us accept new changes in our lives.

Metaphysical Properties of Apophyllite: A crystal with high water content, imparting excellent conduction of energy. This stone creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual, facilitating psychic insight and rapid personal growth. Helps the wearer to access the Akashic Record (Universal knowledge) and connect with discarnate friends.

Metaphysical Properties of Aqua Aura Quartz: This beautiful enhanced crystal is made when a layer of gold is alchemized to the surface of the quartz crystal. The gold itself is believed to change the inherent properties of the quartz. Frees the wearer from limitation and allows new beginnings. Also resonates with the throat chakra, giving birth to self-expression. Soothes the aura and instills profound peace during meditation.

Metaphysical Properties of Chevron Amethyst: Exhibits the deepest purple of any amethyst. Has been shown to enhance the aura with Kirlian photography. Dissipates negative energy. Magnifies love and warmth. Promotes personal development and problem solving.

Metaphysical Properties of Fire Opal: Contains an energy of progress and change. Encourages reflection upon life’s mysteries. Brings hope for the future and faith in oneself. Like other opals, it is an energizing stone good for those experiencing “burn-out”. Increases personal power and bestows charisma.

Metaphysical Properties of Kunzite (pink): An extremely spiritual stone with high vibration. It is the stone of surrender and acceptance. Radiates peace and connects the wearer to universal love. Encourages humility and willingness to be of service to others. Extremely healing to the heart chakra, promoting the clearing of old emotional debris.

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Opal: A stone for new beginnings, assisting in the release of old, unwanted patterns. Helps facilitate renewal between the self and the universal all. It is also a stone of spiritual awakening, excellent to wear at times of important shift in our lives. It is also thought to carry a message of non-violence to humanity. Resonates with the heart chakra.

Metaphysical Properties of Strawberry Quartz ( also called raspberry quartz): This is a special type of quartz crystal with lepidocrocite and hematite inclusions that look like tiny little red sparkles within the crystal! It is mined in Madagascar and often is found in the scepter formation. Quartz is known to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone, raising the wearer’s energy to the highest vibrations. Strawberry quartz is believed to be particularly useful for bringing the seven chakras into alignment and facilitating clear energy flow through them. It is a stone for higher spiritual attunement and advancement!

Metaphysical Properties of Topaz (Golden Imperial): Topaz is the crystal of personal power. It helps one to absorb that which is needed from the universe. It promotes creativity while providing confidence and trust in one's decisions. Golden Topaz acts as a repository stone which stores information, as well as energy, thoughts, and love. This stone can be used like a battery to recharge one with energy. Golden Topaz is also used to enhance relaxation, to create lightness of spirit, and to stimulate feelings of peace.