Thursday, August 7, 2008

One cent auctions and new store item: Sterling Wire Wrap Angel Aura Quartz Fairy Earrings, Kyanite and Charoite-Pearl Pendants!

Here are my two most recent fun one cent auctions for sterling wire wrap pendants and also my newest store item, pretty fairy angel aura quartz earrings! I love the way the turned out!

Warm your heart with some Puppy Love
- qsell

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Kyanite Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Charoite Pearl Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Fairy Angel Aura Quartz Earrings
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Metaphysical Properties of Angel Aura Quartz: Also called Opal Aura Quartz. These crystals have a magical rainbow sheen to them imparted by a thin layer of platinum alchemized to the surface of quartz crystal. The finished stone has new properties, inspiring joy and angelic connection. Bestows the wearer with hope, optimism and a sense of connection to the Divine Consciousness. Purifies and energizes all chakras.

Metaphysical Properties of Kyanite: Powerful facilitator of meditation. A stone of the throat chakra (enables good communication) and third eye (promotes deep meditation and increased intuition). Connects the wearer to spiritual teachers on higher planes of existence.

Metaphysical Properties of Charoite: This stone connects the crown chakra with the heart chakra. It opens the heart and enhances giving nature, allowing the wearer to easily give and receive unconditional love. Enhances one’s appreciation for beauty. Facilitates full acceptance of others and their shortcomings without judgment. Promotes living in the moment by revealing the present moment as perfect. Powerful transmuter of negative energy.

Metaphysical Properties of Pearl: Stone of sincerity and purity. Allows the wearer to readily receive spiritual guidance. Enhances wisdom and personal integrity. Balancing and healing to all chakras. Believed to keep a person balanced in love and relationships.