Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesterday's store listings: Chrysoprase, Rose Aura quartz and Strawberry Quartz Heart Sterling Wire Wrap Pendants!

Here are my latest wire wrap pendant creations, posted in Puppy's ebay store:

A few of my eBay items
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PUPPYLOVE Wire Wrap Strawberry Quartz Heart Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Chrysoprase Opal Swarovski Heart Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Rose Aura Quartz Pendant
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Metaphysical properties of Strawberry Quartz ( also called raspberry quartz): This is a special type of quartz crystal with lepidocrocite and hematite inclusions that look like tiny little red sparkles within the crystal! It is mined in Madagascar and often is found in the scepter formation. Quartz is known to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone, raising the wearer’s energy to the highest vibrations. Strawberry quartz is believed to be particularly useful for bringing the seven chakras into alignment and facilitating clear energy flow through them. It is a stone for higher spiritual attunement and advancement!

Metaphysical properties of Chrysoprase: This stone imparts hope and allows the wearer to feel their connection to the universal whole. Helps one to recognize ego-driven motives and correct them. Minimizes judgment of others. Emotionally, this stone brings a sense of security and trust. It can reduce both inferiority and superiority complexes. It resonates with the heart and sacral chakras.

Metaphysical properties of Opal (Australian): A very energizing stone. Increases productivity and spontaneity. Helps awaken your intrinsic psychic and intuitive abilities. Also good for inspiring creativity and releasing inhibitions. This stone assists in enhancing mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progression toward the perfect state.

Metaphysical properties of Rose Aura Quartz: Formed when platinum is bonded to the surface of quartz crystal by a special technique, creating a pretty raspberry-rose color and enriched metaphysical properties. Rose aura quartz works upon the heart chakra transmuting deeply held doubts about self worth. It instills a firm connection to universal love, imparting a strong sense of self love and self esteem.