Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Cent Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Carnelian, Citrine, Vera Cruz Amethys and Ruby in Fuchsite Pendants: Metaphysical Properties of these crystals!

Here are today's fun one cent sterling wire wrap pendant auctions!

A few of my eBay items
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PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Faceted Citrine Pendant

PUPPYLOVE SS Colorchange Vera Cruz Amethyst Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling WireWrap Carnelian Swarovski Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrap Ruby in Fuchsite Pendant
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Here is some information about the energies of the crystals and stones used in these pieces!

Metaphysical Properties of Carnelian: Softens self-deprecation. Stimulate inquisitiveness, initiative and precision. Sharpens analytical capabilities. Helps the wearer to trust in themselves. Protects against envy, fear, and rage, and helps to banish sorrow. It can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion.

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine: Thought to attract abundance and prosperity. Also a powerful cleanser, good for dissipating negative energy. Has a calming effect on nervous, high-energy people. Resonates with the solar plexus chakra.

Metaphysical Properties of Ruby in Fuchsite: Known to aid in intuitive work, making it a great stone for those who wish to develop their psychic abilities. Also brings awareness of various life problems such as emotional stress, social issues, lifestyle or physical health, and use this awareness to find solutions. Said to help one understand Love at a Higher level and Ruby in Fuchite be helpful when used in groups of multiple stones for crystal healing to amplify the healing energies of the stones.

Metaphysical Properties of Vera Cruz Amethyst: A very special variety of Amethyst found in Mexico. As with other amethyst, it stimulates all chakras, particularly the crown, but also the throat. It also provides a calming effect- stimulating the heart chakra, then providing a calming effect; It is said that stroking the crystal upon the forehead brings about an immediate state of beta meditation!