Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Herkimer Diamond Fairy Tanzanite Dioptase Seraphinite Necklace!

Hello Puppy Lovers! It has been awhile since I've said hello on this page! Today a very special necklace up for auction will be closing-it started at one cent so you may be able to get it for a great price! Here it a picture of my whimsical creation!

It is a romantic looking chain necklace with a cluster of wire wrapped gems and a sterling fairy charm dangling at the center! I catches the light and moves very nicely! And I selected the stones for their magic and energy! Here is some more about them...

Metaphysical properties of dioptase: Has a high vibrational energy that is excellent for healing the heart. Promotes living in the moment. It supports a positive attitude and enables the wearer to fulfill their potential. Helps one to connect with their inner child and heal hidden wounds. Has been known to calm the nerves and soothe physical pain.

Metaphysical properties of herkimer diamond: A stone of new beginnings. Promotes vivid dreaming as well as recall and understanding of those dreams and past lives. Very similar to opal, as an amplifier of energy, spontaneity and productivity. Helps eliminate stress and tension from the body. It allows one to recognize that there is nothing to 'become' - that one is that which one has been seeking.

Metaphysical properties of tanzanite: Tanzanite is a "stone of magic and manifestation", producing the perfect symmetry of personal power and actualization. It brings the will to the aid of manifestation. Helpful to those who are highly focused and driven in life, but tend to go about their goal in a chaotic disorganized manner. Stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Metaphysical properties of seraphinite: A stone for spiritual enlightenment and accessing self healing. Given its name due to its reputation for providing connection to the highest orders of angels during meditative states. Opens the crown and higher crown chakras. Also acts upon the heart chakra and facilitates one to live from their heart while providing protection for the emotionally sensitive.

Puppy's thought of the day: Think like a kid today!!!!! Its far superior thinking, trust me!