Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Week's One Cent Auctions: Wire wrapped crystals, pretty glass hearts with garnet or kunzite, and a pink opal wire wrapped pendant!

Hot off the jewelry bench and into the shop, this week's fun one cent auction pendant offerings! We are now listing our fun one cent auctions to end on Tuesdays AND SUNDAYS, so there is even more to choose from!

Natural pink opal with vivid color is wrapped in sterling silver:

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Opal:  A stone for new beginnings, assisting in the release of old, unwanted patterns.  Helps facilitate renewal between the self and the universal all.  It is also a stone of spiritual awakening, excellent to wear at times of important shift in our lives. It is also thought to carry a message of non-violence to humanity.  Resonates with the heart chakra.

Glass heart with garnet accent:

Metaphysical Properties of Garnet:  “Stone of commitment”, fostering devotion between people and soothing fears of abandonment.  Excellent for times of crisis, promoting  courage and survival.  Also said to enhance productivity and prosperity. The stone of health, Garnet extracts negative energy and transforms it to a beneficial state. Its loving powers bring devotion, warmth, and understanding. It also discourages chaotic, disruptive, and disorganized growth.

Glass heart with Pink Kunzite accent:

Metaphysical Properties of Kunzite (pink):  An extremely spiritual stone with high vibration.  It is the stone of surrender and acceptance.  Radiates peace and connects the wearer to universal love.  Encourages humility and willingness to be of service to others.  Extremely healing to the heart chakra, promoting the clearing of old emotional debris.

Pink Amphibole Papaya Angel Quartz Pendant:

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Amphibole Angel Phantom Papaya Quartz Crystal: Amphibole Phantom Quartz is sometimes called 'angel quartz' because of their energy and the feathery wisps of amphibole phantoms visible within the crystal that remind one of angel wings.  These crystals contain pink amphibole phantoms within quartz crystals with regions of papaya hue (from various mineral deposits).  Their energy is one of angelic connection, joy and light. Also helps the wearer to recall their dreams. Resonates with the third eye and crown chakras.

A Blue Tara Phantom Quartz crystal with a channeled message:

Metaphysical Properties Blue Phantom Quartz: Also called "Blue Tara" Quartz, the name of a Tibetan Goddess associated with love.  These crystals have inclusions formed from a type of blue tourmaline and riebeckite that give each crystal an icy blue hue.  They are loved for their soothing, kind energy.  The are thought to alleviate anxiety and encourage a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood that helps us reach out and connect with others easily.  The are well-known for their ability to dissolve and remove anger from our hearts. They instill a sense of dignity and confidence, resonating with the throat and crown chakras.

and the message that was channeled from these crystals:
Now is a good time to talk to Blue Tara
-Blue Tara is here for peace and harmony
-Let the harmony & peace from our energy wash over you
-Hold us when you are agitated, we will help relax you
-If you are stressed, we will bring calm
-Anger is not possible in our presence
-Anger is an energy that cannot exist in the same space we do
-We help show that all will be ok and there is no reason for concern
-We help clear the mind so you can see things that were cloudy before (clouded by emotion)
-Bring calm & clarity
-Calm & Clarity brings peace of mind
-We hold a space in which you can relax and feel safe
-Use many of us for tough situations or deep-rooted issues
-We can go deep to help release if needed
-Use us often to promote peace and calm
-Harmony brings happiness
-Happiness is good. We should all be happy all the time
-You can keep us with you at all times if you want
-Take us with or wear us, either way is fine
-Our use is appropriate for anyone and everyone
-We promote calm, must say again
-We can help release that which does not allow you to be calm
-When your mind is clear there is much clarity of thought
-Don’t be your own worst enemy, let us help you
-We are done for now
-We hope you go in peace.

And finally a harlequin quartz crystal wrapped in copper:

Metaphysical Properties of Harlequin Quartz : (also called Raspberry, Fire or Strawberry Quartz)

This is a special type of quartz crystal with lepidocrocite and hematite inclusions that look like tiny little red sparkles within the crystal!  It is mined in Madagascar and can be found in the scepter formation. Quartz is known to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone, raising the wearer’s energy to the highest vibrations.   This speckled version is believed to be  useful for bringing the seven chakras into alignment (especially connecting the base, heart and crown) and facilitating clear energy flow through them.  It is a stone for higher spiritual attunement and advancement!

Warm Your Heart With Some Puppy Love!
- qsell

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Kunzite Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant

PUPPYLOVE 14K GF Garnet Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Pink Opal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Pink Amphibole Papaya Angel Quartz Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Talking Crystal Blue Tara Phantom Qtz Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Wire Wrapped Harlequin Fire Quartz Pendant
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