Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Week's One Cent Auctions: Amphibole Angel Lemon Quartz Crystal and Aventurine Heart Wire Wrapped Pendants!

Here are some newly posted one cent auctions for this week!

Amphibole Angel Lemon Quartz Wrapped in Healing Copper:

Metaphysical Properties of Amphibole Angel Lemon Quartz:  Amphibole Phantom Quartz is sometimes called  'angel quartz'  because of the angelic energy of these crystals, as well as the feathery wisps of amphibole phantoms that remind one of angel wings.  These crystals contain yellow-peach amphibole phantoms (limonite) within quartz crystals.  Their energy is one of angelic connection, joy and light as well as youth and powerful protection against negative thoughts or psychic attack. Resonates with the third eye and crown chakras as well as the first, second and third chakras (base, pelvic, solar plexus). 

Metaphysical Properties of Copper:  A powerfully healing mineral, good for energizing, combating lethargy, raising vibration and promoting self acceptance. Resonates with and opens the base or sacral chakras, to reaffirm optimism for life and awaken passion and sensuality!  Copper has been recognized as an effective remedy for joint pain for centuries.  Thought to amplify the inherent energy of stones and crystals when wrapped around them. 

...and a pretty green polished Aventurine Heart wrapped in copper:

Metaphysical Properties of Aventurine:  A heart chakra stone, aventurine amplifies compassion and empathy.  It is also known to attract prosperity and instill excellent leadership qualities and decisiveness.  Very healing and calming to the wearer.

Nurture Your Inner Fairy!
- qsell

PUPPYLOVE Amphibole Angel Lemon Quartz Crystal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Aventurine Heart Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
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