Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jail Dogs, Fairy Dogs and Vampire Guinea Pigs! Oh My!

  Happy Halloween! Today was a fun day. I got less work done than I would have liked, but the opportunity to parade your pets around town in costumes only comes a few times a year!

Furby, our Boston terrier LOVES dress up because she loves attention. She came from a home where the woman really disliked her. Furby lived knowing she wasn't liked for the first 6 years of her life, mostly sitting in a backyard trying to get people's attention through a fence. That is actually how I met her. I convinced the woman to allow me to start walking her and several years later, when she began running away from home, I adopted her.

Furby was a fairy dog today and she enjoyed  being showered with attention!

As for my other dog, Lancelot the rescue husky was a VERY NAUGHTY BOY yesterday. He took a good 10 years off of my life by bolting out the door as I was coming inside from running errands. I have had him for two years and he has never done this. He actually has extreme separation anxiety so I was shocked. (I think he was angered that I went out without him and without walking him first, as I usually do prior to errands). He almost ran into a traffic filled street and made me chase him all over the neighborhood! This was my absolute worst nightmare- I was terrified while he was loose. I was finally able to grab him by the collar when something up a tree distracted him and I pretended to also be interested in the tree activity. My trick worked, thank goodness!

Fortunately, I have the perfect costume on hand for recent events...the jail dog costume that says "Bad Dog" on the back. You can see him rolling his eyes at having to wear it, but I feel it is highly appropriate for right now:

As for our CEO, Puppy the Guinea Pig-while he is a highly skilled model and world renowned celebrity, he is not really into dressing up at the moment. So he is represented on social media via his virtual costume of Count Muskula:

Tonight we enjoyed having several trick or treaters stop by- I filled my walkway with color changing fairy butterfly lights to attract them! 

I hope you also did something fun today. I try to do something to make each holiday memorable. Life is for enjoying. I find that living life by honoring what was most important in childhood has a way of keeping joy in my heart. If we get too busy and take ourselves too seriously, before we know it the years will have passed us by with no joy-filled memories to cherish! These small moments matter.

Today's Creations:

A fun $4.99 starting price auction: Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant in Bronze