Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Their Cuteness Power won their human a sterling wire wrapped Moonstone pendant from Puppy! Parsley and Sage were two injured baby hares who were luckily found, taken in, nursed back to health and released into nature after the human had helped them! 

Congratulations to their human, Janet in California! Your four-pawed rescue babies have won you something pretty-it will be shipped right out to you with Puppy's compliments! Puppy would like to thank you for your rescue efforts!

Honorable Mentions go to Gunner, who made me smile many times this month when I saw his picture on our blog...there is something about the attitude in his posture..he pulls off the shades quite well:

and also to Sugar, who is part of Puppy's International Harem of Attractive Sows (PIHAS) and can be seen in this picture cleverly using her pigloo as a protective turtle shell that she drags around with her:

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your adorable photos with me and Puppy! If your cute baby did not win this time, please do not be sad..send us another one of your cutest pictures and try again (you can enter one picture for each pet you have each month if you want)!  The winner is chosen from a pool of the top cutest photos with a random number generator ( .

Janet's Prize:

I will be posting our next give away prize in a day or two for our August 1st winner. Use that cuteness power to get free bling from the pig and enjoy the adorable entries which are posted all month!