Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Week's One Cent Auctions: Wire wrapped Phenacite, Holley Lavender Agate, Peridot, Topaz and Apophyllite Pendants!

Hot off the jewelry bench and into the shop, this week's fun one cent auction pendant offerings! We are now listing our fun one cent auctions to end on Tuesdays AND SUNDAYS, so there is even more to choose from! And remember, everything we sell has free shipping within the US!

Here are the ones ending on Sunday, April 11th:

Sterling wire wrapped apophyllite pendant

Metaphysical Properties of Apophyllite: A crystal with high water content, imparting excellent conduction of energy. This stone creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual, facilitating psychic insight and rapid personal growth. Helps the wearer to access the Akashic Record (Universal knowledge) and connect with discarnate friends.

Sterling wire wrapped topaz crystal pendant

Metaphysical Properties of Topaz (Golden Imperial): Topaz is the crystal of personal power. It helps one to absorb that which is needed from the universe. It promotes creativity while providing confidence and trust in one's decisions. Golden Topaz acts as a repository stone which stores information, as well as energy, thoughts, and love. This stone can be used like a battery to recharge one with energy. Golden Topaz is also used to enhance relaxation, to create lightness of spirit, and to stimulate feelings of peace.

Sunday's One Cent Auctions!
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PUPPYLOVE Sterling Wire Wrapped Topaz Crystal Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Apophyllite Crystal Sterling WireWrap Pendant
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Here are the one's ending on Tuesday April 13th:

Russian Phenacite Crystal wrapped in sterling silver

Metaphysical Properties of Phenacite: This crystal is an extremely powerful activator of all chakras within the body, known to stimulate healing and energy flow by first acting upon the third eye and the higher crown chakras. It is thought to purify the body's energy centers, help raise vibration and to be of particular use to those practicing the healing energy arts. In addition, Phenacite promotes deep meditation and a state of “inner knowing” that goes beyond intuition. It has also been said to help free the wearer from bad habits emotionally, physically and mentally. It is considered a hallmark stone for the New Age!

Holley lavender agate sterling silver wire wrapped pendant

Metaphysical Properties of Holley Lavender Agate (or Chalcedony) : This pretty creamy lavender colored stone is a variation of the famous Holley blue chalcedony from Oregon, mined in the same region. It shares the same properties of rapid spiritual connection and intuitive growth. It is known as a hallmark stone of spirituality, opening the crown chakra and promoting discrimination in your spiritual path, allowing you to best choose that for your highest good. It is said that that the Holley Agates help us to learn and teach the ultimate truth that only love is real.

and a 14K gold filled peridot crystal wire wrapped pendant

Metaphysical Properties of Peridot: Emits a warm and friendly energy. Assist in recognition of detrimental patterns in ones life and promotes a deeper overall understanding of self. Helps remove burdens, guilt and obsessions. Opens the wearer to adventures, growth and new challenges. Lessens anger and jealousy while promoting a happy, enlightened state. Resonates with the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Tuesday's one cent auctions
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PUPPYLOVE Russian Phenacite Crystal Sterling Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Sterl Holley Lavender Agate WireWrap Pendant

PUPPYLOVE Peridot Crystal 14K GF Wire Wrapped Pendant
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