Monday, February 22, 2010

Puppy has closed his ETSY shop!

Hey all! Just wanted to write a quick post to explain...after much thought, Puppy has made the executive decision to close our ETSY shop.  We have had several bad experiences where people buy things and never pay for them on that site, which cost us a lot. Then last month, another seller on the site who bought a pendant from us virtually recreated it in every detail and sold the replica in their ETSY store. Artist often take inspiration from each other, especially jewelry makers and wire wrap artists, but this was an exact replica and we didn't feel comfortable with it.  The website failed to contact us with any support after we waited for three straight weeks. We have decided it is not a safe venue for us to sell in at this time for several reasons. Because their fees were lower than Ebay's fees, were were offering items there at lower prices to pass the savings on to our shoppers. But it is very true that you get what you pay for..the lower fees have proven to show the lack of safety in this selling venue. We can no longer offer to sell our items there.