Saturday, December 26, 2009

Announcing the Newly Crowned Christmas Mouse of 2009!

Announcing...the newly crowned Christmas Mouse of 2009! Gideon Shmeegle! All Hail to the Christmas Mouse! Long Live the Christmas Mouse! Hurray!

Gideon Shmeegle's little heart is filled with joy and he would like me to thank all of his adoring fans who made his dream come true!

Gideon came to join our herd about a year ago. Within weeks, a lump was noticed growing in his neck by his vet. It did not respond to antibiotic therapy and multiple new lumps appeared, one under his arm. It was felt that Gideon was suffering from lymphoma. He was spared any poking into the lumps as it was thought this would not help him and only serve human curiosity.

The lumps grew to huge proportions so that gideon could barely lift his head. He slept most of the day. I had sadly grown to accept that he would likely soon cross over. Then one day, something wonderful happened. One of the lumps opened itself and drained to show that these were not cancer at all, but infection!

Within days, Gideon was in surgery having all of the pockets of infection cleaned out. Because things were advanced, the infection recurred, required a second surgery, recurred again and required religious wound care and antibiotic treatment which, along with much love, caused it to disappear complelety! Gideon was one of our many dear animal gifts from the universe this year, and it is indeed fitting that his adoring public has chosen him to be honored in this way!

Puppy the Guinea Pig, Coming to terms with losing this years crown

The race for the crown in these past few days has been quite intense between Gideon and Puppy on Twitter. Puppy wishes Gideon well as he is in the Christmas spirit today, and is coming to terms with his loss as he plots new inventive strategies for next year's Christmas Mouse campaign.

Please rest assured that even if your candidate did not win the crown, they will recieve royal treatment this Christmas day with lots of love, holding and a fine vegetable feast planned. Every guinea pig is always royalty at this house!