Friday, November 6, 2009

A very special one cent auction this week: Blue Tara Quartz Pendant! A crystal with a Message for you!

Sterling silver (.925) and fine silver (.99) wire is sculpted around a very special blue phantom quartz crystal from Brazil, often referred to as a "Blue Tara" crystal (the name of a Tibetan Goddess associated with pure love and the ocean)!

I call this a 'talking crystal' because I acquired it from a woman who experiences what seems to be clairaudience when it comes to crystals (they speak to her). Now, whether you believe in this or not, it is certainly interesting to at least consider since the newest quantum theory supports that all physical matter is made of pure consciousness. So, why wouldn't a crystal have something to say? I must admit that I am puzzled and intrigued by the idea...most days now I believe that it is real and even wonder how I could learn to do this myself! And I wear one of her little messengers around my neck all the time!

Here is what the Blue Tara quartz crystals had to say to her, verbatim:

"-Now is a good time to talk to Blue Tara

-Blue Tara is here for peace and harmony

-Let the harmony & peace from our energy wash over you

-Hold us when you are agitated, we will help relax you

-If you are stressed, we will bring calm

-Anger is not possible in our presence

-Anger is an energy that cannot exist in the same space we do

-We help show that all will be ok and there is no reason for concern

-We help clear the mind so you can see things that were cloudy before (clouded by emotion)

-Bring calm & clarity

-Calm & Clarity brings peace of mind

-We hold a space in which you can relax and feel safe

-Use many of us for tough situations or deep-rooted issues

-We can go deep to help release if needed

-Use us often to promote peace and calm

-Harmony brings happiness

-Happiness is good. We should all be happy all the time

-You can keep us with you at all times if you want

-Take us with or wear us, either way is fine

-Our use is appropriate for anyone and everyone

-We promote calm, must say again

-We can help release that which does not allow you to be calm

-When your mind is clear there is much clarity of thought

-Don’t be your own worst enemy, let us help you

-We are done for now

-We hope you go in peace."

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Phantom Quartz (as recorded by Melody): Also called "Blue Tara" Quartz, the name of a Tibetan Goddess associated with love. These crystals have inclusions formed from a type of blue tourmaline and riebeckite that give each crystal an icy blue hue. They are loved for their soothing, kind energy. The are thought to alleviate anxiety and encourage a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood that helps us reach out and connect with others easily. The are well-known for their ability to dissolve and remove anger from our hearts. They instill a sense of dignity and confidence, resonating with the throat and crown chakras.